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Dina Bennett

“The life of a performer is absolutely amazing – it’s full of music, creativity and applause. However it’s not always the most stable
career choice as you’re going through life from gig to gig and sometimes it’s hard to prepare for those life moments that you
never believe will happen to you. That was the case with Dina.
Never did she think she’d be diagnosed with breast cancer in her
40s. After she had her mastectomy her finances were a real
struggle for her as she didn’t have much savings, had tons of
medical bills piling up, and she wasn’t able to work. She found
Society Of Singers (SOS) and they were able to provide the
financial support that allowed her to stay in LA, surrounded by
her network of amazing friends and continue to pursue her
dream career of performing. She was SO impressed with them
and they became her sisters and her haven – her guardian
angels! By donating to SOS, Dina and her friends and family can
pay it forward to others in need.  Dina’s legacy lives on.”
Megan Bennett & The Bennett Family

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